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Chronic illness: the parts we don't talk about

When the healthy kid is in hospital


Parents of a child with a chronic illness go through a really fast track of learning to cope with medical emergencies.

They know the drill: we have done this so often, and honestly, we expect it. We know what the likely outcome will be, and are generally badasses at coping with the stress.

Until the “healthy” kid gets sick.

So today, I’m in a bit of a state. My stomach is in knots and I really don’t know what to do with myself.

S, the one without Bartters syndrome, had an accident today at school and needs surgery on her thumb. It’s serious. And I don’t know how to cope.

And those chocolate cookies have done nothing to help.

I want to be at the hospital. This may seem normal to you, but with F, I’m ok with just J, her dad, being there. Because we have always taken turns, tag teaming hospital duty like olympic athletes.

But with little S, I want to be there. But I can’t. F has spent so much time in hospital and treatment that she actually has PTSD from it and a Phobia of medical treatment. So she is too scared to go.

So I am at home. Letting out my trembles and fears in this post. Cooking a dinner that will most likely churn in my stomach for hours.




2 thoughts on “When the healthy kid is in hospital

  1. I hope and pray that this finds you and your family doing well I known that it is the hardest thing any parent can go through to have a child in the hospital. Try to take care of yourself so you are able to take care of everyone else and know that I am thinking and praying for your family and hope this helps .

  2. Hi Vikki, thank you so much for your kind words. I did take care of myself, and of F. S came home at 10pm, all fixed up. The top of her thumb had come off and she has lost the nail. She was really brave in the hospital when everyone was poking and prodding it etc. OF course, once she got home she was too terrified to let us take her coat off…. we got there in the end.
    Now we just need to find a way to get her to take the antibiotics.
    F was very glad to have her come home alive.

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