amber rahim

Chronic illness: the parts we don't talk about

About me

Home is where you make yourself at home and where you come from is your own personal story. So although I am half Scottish-half Pakistani, was born in Pakistan, grew up in England and now live in the Netherlands, my home is where I feel wanted and loved.

I unleash my own creativity onto the world through my writing about being a parent of a child with chronic illness. With humour and vulnerability I bare all my faults, thoughts and observations to create understanding of what life is really like when you are ill all the time and the impact this has on your family.

I have two daughters and a step son.  My daughters are an inspiration to me through their strength of character, their love for me and their joy of life.

My step son has taught me so much about myself that I am eternally grateful because it helps me to become a better person.

My husband is Dutch and we have lived in Amsterdam since 2005.  I love this small, beautiful city where there is always something new to discover.

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, parent, carer and coach.  Oh, and sometimes, I’m just me.  For about 5 minutes a day. I have ambitions to make that 20 minutes a day.


Amber Rahim

Certified Professional Coach







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