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Writer’s block or silenced in awe?


I’ve been struggling with writers block. I have a lot of thoughts going around in my head yet when I come to write… nothing.

So although I never intend to share photos on this blog, these photos are just saying more than I can. I think they are vague enough that you cannot actually see her face as she is now, and that is important to me.

Despite her sometimes paralysing fear of new situations, F has gone off on a 3 day trip with school.  There will not be any phone calls home and she is ok with that.

She came home from school yesterday and packed her own bag.  Using the “things to bring” list from school, she adapted it for her needs (2 pjs are just not enough so she took 4).

She mumbled that they will probably try and wash her hair and that will be a problem (that’s for a post still be written)

This morning she told us that she was going to miss us and we hugged.  She even gave me a kiss (she hates kisses).

Then she wheeled her suitcase out to the bus and off she went.

I’m in awe. So proud and just can’t get my head around this to even think about all the things I want to say. She’s 6 and a half.


5 thoughts on “Writer’s block or silenced in awe?

  1. That’s lovely! X

  2. Oh honey. Am absolutely thrilled and in utter Awe. This is so amazing and a miracle
    Again in tears of joy. Perfect pictures that are safe
    Prayers to F and to you and family during her BIG OUTING!!! 4 PJs lol
    She does know her needs!!!

  3. This is wonderful! I can imagine that you couldn’t get anything else om paper. Tears of joy!

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